Our 6 Inch cakes feeds up to 10 guests. 

Delivery is set standard $15 per order. 

Please note cut off time for all orders is 5.00pm to ensure your cake is delivered in 2 business days, ie order on Monday, delivery will be on a Wednesday.

Birthday Cake Gold Coast

We Offer an Exceptional Birthday Cake on the Gold Coast for Any Special Occasion

Whether you want a birthday cake on the Gold Coast for a child’s special day or a grandparent’s milestone, we offer the highest quality cakes made from the freshest ingredients. Stentons Cakes puts love and pride into each creation we deliver while combining old-fashioned techniques with cutting-edge technology. Discover why we provide the most delicious cakes you can buy. 


The Importance of Gold Coast Birthday Cakes


Whether you are a home birthday cake maker or head to birthday cake shops on the Gold Coast to purchase a cake, it is essential to have a special occasion birthday cake for everyone on their birthdays. It doesn’t matter if the birthday is for a one-year-old or a great-grandparent in their ninth decade, a birthday cake is a symbol of the love we feel for those we hold dear. Discover the many reasons we go to the extra effort for presenting a cake to the honoured recipient.


  • Our earliest memories are often related to food. The energy and time that goes into food preparation translate to an act of love. We connect food to feelings of nurture, comfort, and warmth. During a birthday celebration, we want to make the birthday person feel like a king or queen on a metaphorical pedestal. Surrounding them with a special meal and made to order birthday cakes in their honour can imbue the honouree with security and safety. How can you not sit taller when others direct so much lavish attention and love your way? 

  • We remember birthday cakes from our earliest years because they connote what captured our attention during that stage of life. The ninja cake, the ballet cake, the football cake, or baseball cake remind us of what was important during that era. Our birthday cake is a memory log. It represents the sport or toy or movie or doll that occupied our current obsession. When we look back at the photos, memories burst forth from that specific time. Even looking back from an elderly perspective, we laugh at the cakes representing ‘over the hill’ themes of each middle-aged decade celebrated, wishing we were as young as we looked back then.  

  • Emotional connections tie people to a birthday cake. A birthday gathers family and close friends together where, more than any other day of the year, we celebrate one particular person. It is an exciting time for a child to be the centre of so much intense attention and a feeling they’ll carry as the days, weeks, months, and years following. The same holds in your more mature years when connections to family and people you hold dear are nostalgic. The first years on your own during and after university bring new relationships together in the opening celebrations of adulthood and independence. Each year when you blow out candles, you create a tradition that holds an emotional value that ties our lives together.   


Benefits of Birthday Cake Delivery in the Gold Coast


Being responsible for the birthday cake is a massive responsibility. Whether you’re a mom overwhelmed with a house full of kids or you have a job demanding extra hours, we want to relieve that pressure by offering to deliver a cake to the place of celebration at the time you recommend. Discover why purchasing your cake online offloads all the tension and makes for a joyful occasion. 


  • Racing from bakery to bakery looking for the perfect cake is stressful. You can offload this task when you choose your cake from the pictures offered online. Your creative energy lessens as the plethora of choices shows up on your screen. If you want to customise a cake, call us and request the special touches, which we will happily do to make the cake uniquely yours, and deliver it on the day you choose. 

  • You may not be out of town, or you may not live close to someone special to be with them on their birthday. If you order online, we can deliver an exceptional cake, and since our cake tastes so delicious, your loved one won’t even miss your presence as they enjoy each bite. We recommend sending a text message or calling them when the cake arrives to enhance the surprise. Home delivery becomes part of the birthday surprise.

  • Think of the money you are saving when you choose to have the birthday cake in Gold Coast delivered. Relax as we accept the order, create the perfect cake for you, and deliver the final product to the delight of everyone who will enjoy the birthday festivities. You have escaped time in your car, stops at the petrol station, and traffic going to and from the locations. The time that you slow down while we offer our services means you have more energy to enjoy the celebration. 


About Stentons Cakes


We began over 37 years ago with a passion for quality. We make our artisanal cakes with only the finest ingredients, which include premium grade Belgian couverture chocolate. Our pastry chef and cake artist can consult with you on the design for your custom cake. We are Australian owned and operated with a commitment to offering you the best cakes that you can find anywhere. With delivery to your doorstep, we make the process of buying and receiving your baked goods easily. Please contact us with any questions. 


Look to us for creative and delicious birthday cakes in the Gold Coast better than any others on the market. Make an online order today for the best birthday cake for your child, your colleague, or your loved one.