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Wedding Cake Gold Coast

Choosing your Wedding Cake in the Gold Coast Allows for Creativity and Fun

You reflect your style when you choose your wedding cake on the Gold Coast. Whether you are sophisticated or sassy, you reveal your personality in the cake. Stentons Cakes goes out of our way to ensure you have the best wedding cake you can buy. We will consult with you for design, cost, and delivery. Learn why so many brides choose us to supply the wedding cake on their big day.


Trends about Custom Wedding Cakes You Should Know


Traditional wedding cakes are still one of the most popular choices amongst brides. Wedding cake bakers, however, understand it is just as easy to break with traditions, as the colour and number of tiers on the cake change with the times. New styles enter the market every year, which makes your wedding cake order more fun to place. Wedding cake shops are finding custom wedding cakes more the norm each year. Discover some of the latest trends in wedding cakes and enjoy choosing which cake matches your personality.


  • Wedding cake makers understand that cakes don’t have to be white anymore. For centuries, the traditional white cake symbolised the bride’s purity. Now, the colour of the cake adds flair to the reception and reflects the bride’s personality. One of the hottest trends is a black wedding cake. On first thought, it seems macabre. But if tastefully done, a black wedding casts a classy style to a wedding, especially if it is a black-tie affair. Who doesn’t look good in black? Black cakes are bold and different, and with some pretty white flowers or white beads to adorn it, it may be the envy of all future brides. Another trend is striped wedding cakes, either in black and white stripes or stripes of different colours. Stripes add a structured feel, and if you alternate tiers of stripes with a solid colour, the variety is eye-catching. Cakes in all hues of blue make an impact as each guest arrives. Soft pastels to navy blue are more and more popular if you want to avoid the traditional look. While grey wedding cakes seem a rather depressing alternative, it turns out they the show beautifully in different shades, especially when coupled with colours that pop. Hues of orange and yellow pair well with grey, as does coral and teal. Grey acts as an excellent backdrop to the colours you chose for your flowers and bridesmaid’s dresses.

  • Metallic cakes are popping up at weddings of the sophisticated bride. Molten yellow gold offers a striking look, especially for cakes that rise in heights with multiple tiers. The entire cake can be gold, or the addition of gold leaf is an option. The base of the cake can be white with gold-dipped swirling lines down the side of the cake. Your imagination can run wild with gold designs. Imagine a cake in silver leaf with candied, pastel-purple flowers attached to every other tier. A single-layered silver cake with additional white icing flowing like water from the top is eye-catching. Add pretty pink roses to a top, and you’ll have every guest snapping pictures before you cut the first piece. Create a cake with a small two-inch layer wrapped in gold metallic between the first and second layer of a white cake and separate each tier with white beads. The gold metallic will add extra class to a simple cake.

  • Throw sophistication to the wind and head to the reception to enjoy a polka-dotted wedding cake. Our wedding cake bakery is ready to decorate a sassy and fun cake to suit your personality. Take a three-tiered white wedding cake and let multi-coloured polka dots flow down the side, beginning with a trickle at the top to a flood polka dots overlapping at the bottom. A three-tiered grey cake looks beautiful with itty-bitty white polka dots aligned in order all over the cake. Sprinkle cakes take the polka-dotted cake a step further. Sprinkle cakes may be the most fun of all the wedding cakes. They are perfect for a casual wedding, and you have the option to jam-pack the sprinkles on each tier, use the sprinkles on one layer, or add an inch of sprinkles to the bottom for a less dramatic look. 


You are the boss and can create the wedding cake of your dreams. We are here to help you achieve the look, feel, texture, and size to suit your needs. 


Tips Regarding Wedding Cakes in the Gold Coast


Our specialty wedding cakes are the best you can purchase. It is essential to choose your wedding cake with care, and that is why we want to share our suggestions so that the process flows smoothly, and the experience of choosing the cake is part of the fun in planning your wedding. Determine which tips resonate with you. 


  • Choose your venue before you choose your cake. If it is going to be an outdoor wedding, the heat may play a factor in the icing you want. A sturdy fondant will withstand the high temperature more than a delicate buttercream icing. Ask your friends whom they recommend for a baker. Visit bakers you trust and look at pictures of their work. Are they flexible in working with you in creating bakery wedding cakes? You want to have a good working relationship, primarily if the baker will act as a consultant to create a cake with special touches that reflect you and the groom. 

  • Before you meet with the baker, gather information about the number of people you must feed, and how the cake fits into your wedding budget. Costs creep up when the design is intricate. Sugar flowers are expensive since they are time-consuming to make by hand. Substituting real flowers may be an alternative that is even more appealing to you. Find inspiration for wedding cakes posted online. Create a list of what is essential and be prepared to negotiate details before you buy a wedding cake.

  • Find a baker that allows you to taste the flavours of your cake and icing. We are experienced in the highest quality Belgian chocolate but are just as comfortable with flavours that appeal to you. Alternative flavours include red velvet, praline, or hazelnut add a unique twist to your cake while chocolate mousse or caramel can add a bit of pizzazz.


The sky is the limit, and the fun of choosing a cake only adds to the joy of planning your wedding.


Why You Should Use Stentons Cakes 


We are passionate about making and decorating cakes. Your wedding is the most important day of your life, and we go out of our way so that you have the best wedding cake imaginable. We don’t charge a wedding mark-up, and we will deliver all over the Gold Coast. We offer

wedding cakes online, or you can meet with us to design a custom cake of your dreams. We use the freshest ingredients, and our attention to detail is unsurpassed. You can’t go wrong with our spectacular cakes. Please contact us with any questions.


You are making an excellent choice by choosing us because we know you want the highest quality and the best service for your wedding day. Make your appointment today to begin the process.