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We have a range of cakes available for all types of occasions; Single Serve Cakes ideal for a High Tea. Drip Cakes for all types of events, and our ever popular Dessert Cakes...because everyone loves dessert after a meal!

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Stentons Gold Coast Cakes

Gold Coast Cakes Bring as Much Pleasure Today as in Previous Times

Gold Coast cakes provide a delicious centrepiece for a variety of celebrations. Stentons Cakes offer you the freshest ingredients baked into the highest quality cakes you can buy. Discover how cakes began as food for the gods and developed into our favourite treat for all sorts of occasions.


History of Special Occasion Cakes 


When you need cakes for all occasions, our custom cake makers use their ingenuity with creative cake designs for birthdays, weddings, and all the unique holidays throughout the year. Cakes and cake decorating began over two thousand years ago and evolved into the masterpieces that cake makers in the Gold Coast create today. Discover how the evolution of cakes and cake decorating developed.


  • The ancient Egyptians created the first and earliest version of a cake made from bread-like dough baked with honey, nuts, and fruit. The ancient Greeks later introduced cake as we know it today. They baked moon-shaped cakes in honour of Artemis, who was the goddess of the moon. To make the cake shine bright like the moon, they place candles on top, which allowed the cake to glow, and the smoke from the candles lifted their wishes to the gods in heaven. Cakes remained a luxury of the wealthy class because the ingredients were expensive. The ancient Greeks created a form of cheesecake, and the Romans embraced the fruitcake. The theories of why our cakes are round also date back to ancient times. Bakers would form the dough into a ball that flattened out during baking. Also, the round shape represented the cycle of life, which can explain why we celebrate with cake to symbolise the cycle a birthday represents. 

  • The modern cake that we know today evolved during the 1800s and the rise of the Industrial Revolution. Innovations made ovens more adaptable, and baking powder production increased. During this time, the French introduced dessert as a separate course, elevating cake to new heights. Bakers decorated cakes in earlier times, but it wasn’t until Queen Victoria’s 1840 wedding cake that they showcased how cake decorating evolved into an elaborate process. Years earlier, Europeans made the first icing with sugar and egg whites and then poured onto the cake before placing it into the oven. The result was a hard, glossy covering. Queen Victoria’s wedding cake was elaborately decorated and weighed in at 136-kilogrammes. The cake had three tiers with busts of the couple on the top layer. Cupids, dogs, and other symbols of love adorned the cake. Since there wasn’t any refrigeration at the time, the bakers saturated the fruit used in the cake with alcohol. The very hard icing kept the decorations intact. So hard that a little silver hammer sat beside the cake to help crack it.

  • The 20th century ushered in changes in cakes throughout the century. Western wedding cakes represented the state of the economy and the style of the times. White cakes were in fashion because they represented affluence since it was challenging to source refined sugar. The sponge cake was the cake of choice at the beginning of the century, decorated with real flowers. The cakes of the roaring twenties embraced the glamour of the era with decorations of feathers, frames, and jewels. The Royal family celebrated their wedding in 1923 with a ten-foot-high cake that weighed 363 kilograms. Commercial boxed cake mixes arrived at the end of the decade, introducing wedding cakes to the masses. Bakers baked more affordable wedding cakes in the 1930s and decorated them by piping multiple rows of icing in intricate details. The wartime rationing of the 1940s brought in a more austere cake using less sugar, butter, and eggs. It was a simpler time for cakes often adorned with military toppers. The 1950s was the decade of plastic figurines of the bride and groom since plastic became a cheap material. The second half of the 20th century didn’t see radical innovations in cake making or decorations, except that traditions relaxed, and the cakes reflected more of the personality of the bride and groom. New trends in the 21st century included cakes of different colours, the arrival of cupcakes replacing one of the tiers, unique shapes, naked cakes without frosted sides, and decorating in gold leaf. Today, anything goes, and your creativity is a cake’s most viable option. Cake decorators of the Gold Coast will work with you so that your cake represents all facets of your personality. Your specialty cakes in the Gold Coast will incorporate influences borrowed from the beginning of time or any of the brand-new trends you want to include.


Benefits of Cakes on the Gold Coast


We run through life at a harried pace. It is the little things in life that can stop us in our tracks and invite us to enjoy simple pleasures. Cake represents joy, luxury, bliss, and comfort. It can also start a revolution if you lived in Marie Antoinette’s time with her “let them eat cake” misstatement. Whatever your reason for enjoying the sweet baked goods, the benefits are far-reaching. Discover some reasons why cake will always hold a special place in our hearts.


  • A cake on the Gold Coast, or anywhere else, is a symbol of love. A birthday cake shows the person of honour that they are an exclusive member of the family or group. A wedding cake symbolises the love between the bride and the groom. When they cut the cake together, it represents their willingness to take care of each other, and when they feed each other the piece they cut, it serves as a reminder that they will feed and nurture their spouse. Sharing cake with others shows an act of generosity since we want to give others something that pleases us.

  • A cake is more than something to have in times of celebration. When someone who lives far away is sick, you can order cake online. The bakery will handle the cake delivery in the Gold Coast and your friend or loved one will begin to feel better immediately. When you are down or depressed, purchasing a sweet treat in the form of a cake can lift your spirits and encourage you to plough through the issues with renewed strength. If you search online for inspirational ideas for cakes to lift your spirits, you will sense a smile creeping up to your lips in no time. Cakes make us happy. Maybe it began with our first birthday parties when we were the centre of attention at a very impressionable age. We carry those feelings and memories with us through life. Next time you’re blue, head to your computer, make a cake online order, and you’ll be skipping around the room soon enough. 

  • Cakes stand as representative of each milestone we achieve. We include cakes on birthdays and weddings, but there are so many other events we honour with cake. Retirement parties call for custom cakes in the Gold Coast. After decades of working nine-to-five, a cake decorated with a beach, sand, fishing poles, or hammock is essential. During a baby shower, the new mom will smile at a cake adorned with building blocks, rattles, or cute little zoo animals. Graduation is a milestone for completing years of learning and pushing our minds to new limits. A cap and tassel atop the cake show that all those late nights of studying paid off in good time. In each instance, the cake brings joy to the life of the person we celebrate, and it also brings happiness to the relatives and close friends who supported him or her in the life journeys they experienced. 


We can never underestimate the power that cake offers us. If we need smiles, a cake will do the trick. 


About Stentons Cakes


Our passion is cake. We love to bake it, decorate it, eat it, and deliver it. With over 35 years in the business, we know how to meet the high demands of our customers. We source the freshest ingredients from around the world and are proud to use premium grade Belgian couverture chocolate. Our cakes are delicious, and we decorate them to be fun, sophisticated, sassy, comical, or traditional. We work with you to design the ideal solution to meet your needs. When you order cake in the Gold Coast from us, you can rest assured that you will be satisfied from the moment you see it until you consume the last bite. When you are ready to indulge in your favourite food, browse all our cakes online, or visit us in person.

We look forward to working with you. Please contact us with any questions. We provide the best cakes on the Gold Coast. Choose us today for your next cake and enjoy whatever you are celebrating.

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